Team Overby. From left: Clayford, Ry, Baby Haehae, Bearsy, Nims and me. Photo by Michael Thompson Photography in Oxford.

You may have come across my old blog in the last couple of years. On its pages, I worked out the trials and tribulations of being married with four kids, loving Jesus (but failing daily), and trying to get this whole Who Am I? question answered.

While I’m over seeking all the answers to the Universe (I’m content these days to live in IKnowWhatIBelieveButIDon’tCaretoChangeYourMindVille), the success I enjoyed led me to create a new blog, where I mix a fun passion for creating with an imperfect pursuit of following my King.

Why the name DoubleLetterSouth?

Four gifts, one great state, and my Creator, the Alpha and Omega. 🙂



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